Hoya flower plant Gold Coast

Hoya Plant – flowering!

Hoya flower plant Gold Coast

If you are anything like us you will appreciate the awesomeness of these super cute waxy starry flowers! Hoyas have a mind of their own, sometimes flowering sometimes not, but this one we had in store flowered at least 6 times in 6 months! How good is that!

Granted, we aren’t always so fortunate with our hoya flowering – but what did we do this time? Hmm. Let’s list the conditions and hope to reproduce them again –

Plant position – hung from the ceiling, about 3 metres from the window.
Light – morning light only, no direct sunlight
Water – watering once a week, just a little
Container – aluminium teapot

Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that again, as this plant has sold!


moongate chinese garden

Plant Sightseeing – Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney

moongate chinese garden

If you’re ever down in Sydney, like we happened to be a while back, we highly recommend the Chinese Garden of Friendship. The most impressive thing for us to see was the number of unique ‘spaces’ created in what is really a very small area. It makes the garden seem far bigger than it is, and creates surprising new little scenes at every turn.

It is certainly a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which can be quite overwhelming.

Weekend Notes has a lot of positive things to say about it too.

living gifts delivered parkwood gold coast

New items added!

Check it out folks – we’ve just got a delivery of awesome plants, ready to do up and delivery to all your nearest and dearest across the Gold Coast.

We’ll try to pot and post more as we get time but here are a couple we’ve got together this weekend for you:

Birds nest ferns
Vibrant Aglaonemas

happy planting terranians,



P.s. Don’t forget to check out our sister site, there’s heaps going on over there too: Adam’s Garden Florist

alocasia indoor plant gift gold coast

Limited Time

We have billabong plants in store for a limited time – taro, alocasia, wild iris, grasses, water hyssop… all frog-encouraging pond plants. Send a set of three to your pond-plant-loving dearest for $45. Presented beautifully in a basket, of course…

Zanzibar Gem Plant

What we love about: Zanzibar Gem

What is ‘Zanzibar Gem’?

The ‘zanzibar gem’, or Zamioculca (not to be confused with zebra binoculars {yes they do exist…}, or the Hoodoo Guru’s ‘I’ve never been to Zanzibar’) is one of our favourite plants. It should be high on any list of faves in my {humble} opinion. It’s also in Costa’s top three in this Gardening Australia article.

Why is it so great?

Well, so many reasons! Firstly, it’s leaves are lovely and glossy. Secondly, studies have shown it to be beneficial in improving air-quality. And thirdly, because it’s just so easy to look after, as long as you don’t water it very much. Yes, that’s right, don’t water it… not much at all. I think that’s pretty awesome for a plant that looks and keeps so well in the unforgiving indoor environment. You can go on holiday and this little (though they can get bigger) plant will be happy no worries.

How do I care for it?

The care-tags on the plant will tell you more, but from my experience it does best with the tiniest watering every month or so, depending how drying the weather/air-conditioning has been. The main thing is to make sure it is never saturated or sitting in water. I usually water at the edge of the pot so the main rhizome and stalks of the plant are never really, really wet.

Tesselaar Flowers also has some notes about it here.

Where can I buy it?

From us, silly. Also your local nursery should have them if you can’t make it in : )

Would my Aunt Nina like it?

Yes, yes she would. She can sit it on the side table in the corner near the bench seat overlooking the side yard. You know the one I mean.