jar terrarium gold coast plant gifts

Jar Terrariums – Gold Coast

These aren’t up in the online shop yet, but feel free to phone to order. Simple, cute jar-terrariums, with interesting indoor plants.

A nice gift for a desk or kitchen, for a person who likes plants. These are easy to maintain – just water a little bit once a week. Add your own ornaments or mementos to personalise it, or make the terrarium into a mini world or scene-scape.

jar terrarium gold coast plant gifts

rhipsalis haning plant gold coast gift delivered

Rhipsalis Hanging Plants – Gold Coast

Presented in cute hessian bags – these quirky rhipsalis or ‘mistletoe cactus’ are a great gift. They are quite hardy, and easy to maintain.

Find them in the shop today.

rhipsalis haning plant gold coast gift delivered

living plants Gold Coast gift delivery

Why are We called “LittlePlants”?

Living Plants Delivered – Gold Coast

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been in the position of searching for fun gifts to send relatives who don’t live nearby. This can be quite difficult if you’re a ‘planty’ person, looking to send faraway friends a growing gift. I have often not been able to find budget-friendly, planted gifts that can be delivered with a card message. So, I thought, why not at least offer this to like-minded people, a living plant gift delivery service in our area here on the Gold Coast.

Yes, but why “LittlePlants”?

Because, we’re not about big palms trees or plant hire for offices, etc. we’re about the specialness of small things, and simple, thoughtful, gifts.

Shop our Selection But we may have things in the shop that we don’t have online yet – do call us.

Check where we deliver
living plants Gold Coast gift delivery

little plants at Adam's Garden Florist Gold Coast

LittlePlants – Plants Delivered – Gold Coast

Hi there!

Have you been into our studio space? We are part of Adam’s Garden Florist – Gold Coast.
Here you can find all the things we’ve been up to – from terrariums, to bottle flask plantings, to sets of plants in fun containers, and wrapped fiddle-leaf figs – etc. etc. etc.

Why not pop in sometime and see what’s doing? We can plant up your own container to, if we have plants that you like. We can also refurbish your old terrariums or planters, if you’d rather not touch them! #terrariumfixers #savemyplants #greenthumbs

little plants at Adam's Garden Florist Gold Coast

Of course we really just wrote this post to pop in some keywords on the website, but we hope it’s been informative anyhow 🙂

We love plants!
We deliver plants on the Gold Coast, to most areas!
We are in Parkwood, which is bordered by Labrador, Southport, Arundel, Molendinar/Ashmore. (Do you love our Suburb key-wording there? It’s great, right! I know, I know.)

p.s. If you’ve read this far we love you. Well hey, we love you anyway, but not in a weird way – but just because you’re human, and we’re human, and all that John Lennon and Jesus stuff. (Hang on, most of the entities reading this post will be search engine spiders… I’m not sure I can say I love you spiders, but hey, you’re doing your job, so we’ll let it go.)



tani-tei-en open garden Gold Coast plants

Open Garden Visit – Tani Tei En Japanese garden Gold Coast

Last year we managed to get down to Currumbin, on the Gold Coast, to visit ‘Tani Tei En’ Japanese garden, which was open for just a weekend.
tani-tei-en open garden Gold Coast plants

We saw a lot of very cool plants – especially loving the blossoms, and the pin-cushion luecadendrons. They also had a hive of native bees – which are super cute!

We recommend to go check it out next time they have an open garden, and if you’re in the area.


New plants have arrived!

We are super excited that more new plants arrived last week – we have been busy doing them up into all our usual fun containers and terrariums, but we still have more to do…

Remember that if you need living plants delivered on the Gold Coast, we are more than happy to help if we have what you need.

New arrivals include a lot of really good house/indoor plant varieties: aglaonemes, bird nest fern, crotons, fittonias, rabbit’s foot ferns, etc.

Why not come by and check out our studio in Parkwood!

We are also able to plant up your own containers if you have something in mind.

See you later lovely humans, we’ll be out the back with potting mix on our hands!



Gold Coast gift delivery growing plants in pots

Same Day Delivery for Living Plants on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast gift delivery growing plants in pots

LittlePlants offers same day delivery (excluding Sundays) for all our living plant and gift items. We understand that sometimes sending a nice thought is a spontaneous thing – so go ahead, we’re here for you.
You can order online up until 2pm. After that time give us a call – we can often still fit your delivery in after that time. Our normal delivery area covers most of the Gold Coast – if you’re unsure just check with us first.

Order Online

Our delivery Areas

Can’t quite find what you’re looking for here? Maybe something a bit more floral? Try our sister site: adamsgardenflorist.com.au They also offer same day delivery across the Gold Coast, and can deliver your LittlePlants gift along with fresh flowers and many other gifty things.


Most popular areas for delivery are: Southport, Labrador, Parkwood, Arundel, Molendinar, Crestwood, Ashmore, Biggera Waters, Coombabah, Carrara, Main Beach, Paradise Waters, Benowa, Merrimac, Nerang – the list goes on.

And of course, we are always able to do same day delivery to the local Gold Coast Hospitals – Gold Coast University Hospital, Gold Coast Private, Pindara, Robina, John Flynn, etc.

Recipients in ICU and Oncology wards in hospital are not generally allowed to receive plants. Call the hospital prior to ordering if you want to make sure.



How to Train you Ceropegia Gold Coast Plants

How to Train your Ceropegia

How to Train you Ceropegia Gold Coast Plants

If you’re anything like us, these ceropegias, or chain of hearts, plants are high on your all-time favourite list.

Not only easy to care for, and cute as buttons from your local craft store, they are also warmly nostalgic and Nanna-ish, for some reason. We like to think of them as heirloom plants – things found under old balconies and down the bottom of the garden.

But, you can take them and make them into other things too. Here we have constructed a simple wire heart, and simply curled any new growth around it.

The result is a ‘heart of hearts’!

Yes, we are plant tragics, we know…

Till next time fair folks.
The LP Team

tillandsia terrarium globe gold coast

Air Plants are Back!

tillandsia terrarium globe gold coast

Air-plants are back, and you know that makes us excited – We’ve been air-plant tragics since before the craze came and went…

Limited number, super cute…

Come get some, people!

succulent in hessian bag Gold Coast plants

Hanging Sedum ‘Burro’s Tail’ now in stock

succulent in hessian bag Gold Coast plants

We have lots of hanging sedum ‘burrito’ or  ‘burro’s tail’ now in stock.

Available from the online shop or pick up from our studio in Parkwood (part of Adam’s Garden Florist).

They are happy and easy-going little plants, low maintenance. We have them presented in cute hessian bags.

plant pouch from faux fur slipper

Upcycling Fuzzy Faux Fur into Plant Holders

plant pouch from faux fur slipper

Ever wondered what to do with that old pair of slipper-boots that’s too worn out to wear, but still looks ok at the top? Of course you’ve wondered that, we all have right?

If you’re a plant person like all of us are, then you know exactly what to do with it – upcycle it into a plant pot, of course!

Here is a version using a pair of old furry slipper boots from Kmart – #kmarthack ! Yes please! Simply cut the top off the boot, turn inside out, sew the bottom together, turn the right way again – and wahlah! A pot!

Super funky, yes? These ones look a little bit Cookie-Monster, but that’s ok with us, and with our dwarf sanseveria here.

African-violet plant Gold Coast

African Violet Plant – Gold Coast

African-violet plant Gold Coast

African Violets are beautiful little plants – with one drawback – they don’t like to be watered from the top, nor be too soggy underneath. So how to fix the problem, but neatly?

One of the most common ways is to sit the plant’s container on top of a take-away container filled with water – with a thick thread going between the two to act as a ‘straw’ sucking water from the container below to the one above.

Here is another example of a way we have also used – sitting the plant’s container on top of fine pebbles, with the thread down amongst them. This way is a little bit more ‘gifty’ and neat, but provides the same function.


chain-of-hearts plant Gold Coast

Chain of Hearts in Hanging Globe

chain-of-hearts plant Gold Coast

We have always had a soft spot for chain of hearts plants, they remind us nanna’s and heritage backyards and all things good.

We have them in store from time to time – do check with us if you are after some!

Hoya flower plant Gold Coast

Hoya Plant – flowering!

Hoya flower plant Gold Coast

If you are anything like us you will appreciate the awesomeness of these super cute waxy starry flowers! Hoyas have a mind of their own, sometimes flowering sometimes not, but this one we had in store flowered at least 6 times in 6 months! How good is that!

Granted, we aren’t always so fortunate with our hoya flowering – but what did we do this time? Hmm. Let’s list the conditions and hope to reproduce them again –

Plant position – hung from the ceiling, about 3 metres from the window.
Light – morning light only, no direct sunlight
Water – watering once a week, just a little
Container – aluminium teapot

Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that again, as this plant has sold!


2d-terrarium gold coast gift plant delivery

Funky Vases and Plant Pots

2d-terrarium gold coast gift plant delivery

These funky almost-flat vases made for some unusual plant houses… Perfect for our fittonias.

If you’re a keen indoor-plant person, always keep an eye out for interesting containers, and why not give some a try – you never know what’s going to work until you try! Old aluminium tea-pots are a favourite of ours too – hanging from the ceiling with unexpectedly shaped hanging foliage.

Looking for something particular? Why not pop in and see what we have in store! We don’t have everything online all the time…


succulent plant gift Gold Coast

New succulents – Crassula Undulata

succulent plant gift Gold Coast

We have added some new succulents to the shop – these funky curly-leaf crassula. They are pretty easy to care for, just a little water once a week, but they are ok if they dry out a bit between times.

We are loving the pairing of their grey-toned foliage with the concrete planters.

check them out

moongate chinese garden

Plant Sightseeing – Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney

moongate chinese garden

If you’re ever down in Sydney, like we happened to be a while back, we highly recommend the Chinese Garden of Friendship. The most impressive thing for us to see was the number of unique ‘spaces’ created in what is really a very small area. It makes the garden seem far bigger than it is, and creates surprising new little scenes at every turn.

It is certainly a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which can be quite overwhelming.

Weekend Notes has a lot of positive things to say about it too.

succulents gold coast

New Succulents Arriving

succulents gold coast

Hopefully by the time this post is up we will have our new shipment of succulents ready to go and potted up for your planty pleasure!

Oh, and happy Easter – may the long weekend bring you much rest and happiness!

We will be closed Easter Friday and Easter Monday, with very short hours on Saturday 20th.

op shop pots fun plants gold coast

Op Shop Finds

op shop pots fun plants gold coast

Does anyone else love stumbling across unique vessels for their plant collection? You are not alone! We like to keep an eye out wherever we go for new and interesting plant containers that we can bring to you in our shop (and also for ourselves!).

Also, if you have a particular container waiting for a plant, and unsure what to get, feel free to bring it in and we may be able to plant it up for you. We often have spare plants ready for potting up and you are welcome to browse and select from what we have.

Gold Coast gift delivery growing plants in pots

What we love about – Fittonias

Gold Coast gift delivery growing plants in pots

Fittonias, also known as ‘nerve plants’ are lovely shade plants which are fantastic for terrariums and other indoor uses, also for planting in damp-ish shady areas outside. They love low to medium light. They will go well in a window if not in the hot hot sun (e.g. a window that receives just morning light). They also like high-humidity, which is likely why they thrive in the terrarium environment. Costa Farms and TheSpruce have some great info on them too.

What we most love about these little plants is the many different leaf colours. Fittonias can come with white veins, pink, red, and variations of all of those, and the colours have awesome names like ‘white angel’ and ‘red flame’.