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Hi there!

Have you been into our studio space? We are part of Adam’s Garden Florist – Gold Coast.
Here you can find all the things we’ve been up to – from terrariums, to bottle flask plantings, to sets of plants in fun containers, and wrapped fiddle-leaf figs – etc. etc. etc.

Why not pop in sometime and see what’s doing? We can plant up your own container to, if we have plants that you like. We can also refurbish your old terrariums or planters, if you’d rather not touch them! #terrariumfixers #savemyplants #greenthumbs

little plants at Adam's Garden Florist Gold Coast

Of course we really just wrote this post to pop in some keywords on the website, but we hope it’s been informative anyhow 🙂

We love plants!
We deliver plants on the Gold Coast, to most areas!
We are in Parkwood, which is bordered by Labrador, Southport, Arundel, Molendinar/Ashmore. (Do you love our Suburb key-wording there? It’s great, right! I know, I know.)

p.s. If you’ve read this far we love you. Well hey, we love you anyway, but not in a weird way – but just because you’re human, and we’re human, and all that John Lennon and Jesus stuff. (Hang on, most of the entities reading this post will be search engine spiders… I’m not sure I can say I love you spiders, but hey, you’re doing your job, so we’ll let it go.)



tani-tei-en open garden Gold Coast plants

Open Garden Visit – Tani Tei En Japanese garden Gold Coast

Last year we managed to get down to Currumbin, on the Gold Coast, to visit ‘Tani Tei En’ Japanese garden, which was open for just a weekend.
tani-tei-en open garden Gold Coast plants

We saw a lot of very cool plants – especially loving the blossoms, and the pin-cushion luecadendrons. They also had a hive of native bees – which are super cute!

We recommend to go check it out next time they have an open garden, and if you’re in the area.


New plants have arrived!

We are super excited that more new plants arrived last week – we have been busy doing them up into all our usual fun containers and terrariums, but we still have more to do…

Remember that if you need living plants delivered on the Gold Coast, we are more than happy to help if we have what you need.

New arrivals include a lot of really good house/indoor plant varieties: aglaonemes, bird nest fern, crotons, fittonias, rabbit’s foot ferns, etc.

Why not come by and check out our studio in Parkwood!

We are also able to plant up your own containers if you have something in mind.

See you later lovely humans, we’ll be out the back with potting mix on our hands!



Gold Coast gift delivery growing plants in pots

Same Day Delivery for Living Plants on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast gift delivery growing plants in pots

LittlePlants offers same day delivery (excluding Sundays) for all our living plant and gift items. We understand that sometimes sending a nice thought is a spontaneous thing – so go ahead, we’re here for you.
You can order online up until 2pm. After that time give us a call – we can often still fit your delivery in after that time. Our normal delivery area covers most of the Gold Coast – if you’re unsure just check with us first.

Order Online

Our delivery Areas

Can’t quite find what you’re looking for here? Maybe something a bit more floral? Try our sister site: They also offer same day delivery across the Gold Coast, and can deliver your LittlePlants gift along with fresh flowers and many other gifty things.


Most popular areas for delivery are: Southport, Labrador, Parkwood, Arundel, Molendinar, Crestwood, Ashmore, Biggera Waters, Coombabah, Carrara, Main Beach, Paradise Waters, Benowa, Merrimac, Nerang – the list goes on.

And of course, we are always able to do same day delivery to the local Gold Coast Hospitals – Gold Coast University Hospital, Gold Coast Private, Pindara, Robina, John Flynn, etc.

Recipients in ICU and Oncology wards in hospital are not generally allowed to receive plants. Call the hospital prior to ordering if you want to make sure.



succulents gold coast

New Succulents Arriving

succulents gold coast

Hopefully by the time this post is up we will have our new shipment of succulents ready to go and potted up for your planty pleasure!

Oh, and happy Easter – may the long weekend bring you much rest and happiness!

We will be closed Easter Friday and Easter Monday, with very short hours on Saturday 20th.

botanic gardens sydney-pollinate exhibition

Flashback – one year ago – Pollinate, Sydney Botanic Gardens

In April last year, we had the privilege of going down to the Pollinate exhibition at Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney . In a large, light-filled enclosed greenhouse an abundant array of amazing plants was on show. The star of the entire presentation, in my view, was the trails of cascading sagey-grey-green dichondria – aka ‘dichondria silver falls’. The entire space was kept humid and moist from a light mist sprayed into the air almost continually up near the glass ceiling.

I only wish we could have brought the whole display back with us!

little plants living gifts gold coast delivery

Experiment with plant forms and interesting containers

little plants living gifts gold coast delivery

When choosing a plant or container, think about the style of the room where it will be.

Here at Little Plants, we particularly like the natural finishes – concrete, upcycled fabrics, jute, wood etc. And we love plants with contrasting shaped and textures.

Have you been in lately to see what we have? Check out our shop section online – but there is always more in-store than we have on the web, do contact us if you’re after something specific.

gold coast plant gift delivery

New Succulents in this week and more new items added

gold coast plant gift delivery

Hiya folks,
Been a while since posting – so busy… but great news – for all the succulent lovers out there we have three new trays of 80mm pots in, with all sorts of aloes, haworthias, gasteraloes, crassula, etc… Plus a few ginormo aloe-ish things all pointy and spiky and wonderful, there’s a dark green one there that looks so tough it makes me think of rhinoceros horns.

Fiddle leafs and housy planters added to the shop >link<

Plus other things in-store we haven’t had a chance to add yet – call if you are after something you can’t see 🙂

It’s getting cold out there today, rug up my darlings


Little Plants

gold coast gift plants

Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day 2017

gold coast gift plants

Stuck for ideas? If your Mum loves plants, and lives on the Gold Coast – look no further… We love plants too!

Check out the online shop or phone us to see what we have in store that we may not have listed…

We have phalaenopsis orchid plants, cyclamen plants in large and small, and also bromeliads, all on order for Mother’s Day week.

We can deliver too! Woohoo!




alocasia indoor plant gift gold coast

Limited Time

We have billabong plants in store for a limited time – taro, alocasia, wild iris, grasses, water hyssop… all frog-encouraging pond plants. Send a set of three to your pond-plant-loving dearest for $45. Presented beautifully in a basket, of course…

terrarium valentines gift gold coast

Unique & Lasting Valentine’s Day Gift

Looking for something different? Why not send a plant? Plants are a great idea for Valentine’s Day too (even though we would say that, because we’re biased, just a little bit…)

We have all sorts of things to make your chosen gift specially loverly, just ask us.

We will be delivering Valentine’s Day all over the Gold Coast. Or you can choose something yourself by popping in to our Parkwood studio.


little plants gifts delivery gold coast holiday hours

Christmas and New year closing times

Hi all,

We will be closed from December 25th to January 10th. No orders will be processed over this time.

We hope you all enjoy the holiday season. Pop on your favourite tunes and sit down with a nice cool drink.


Little Plants

Plants for East-Facing Windows

Window Plants

Our little studio faces east, so all we get is the morning sun. It’s a challenge to find plants that will do well with just that amount of light. You might have a challenging spot too, so here’s some things we have found that survive and thrive.

Rhipsalis / Mistletoe Cactus

These come in so many varieties. We have found them to be very hardy and tolerant to be inside with filtered light. You can see nice pictures of many other varieties here at The Succulent Garden.


These also come in lots of different kinds, you will find they often have ‘collector’s tags’ if you are buying from the local nursery. They can handle fairly low light, but to flower they will need more light.

Jade Plant / Money Plant / Crassula

Although some crassula need more sunlight, there are a number of them that we have grown indoors with no problems, including crassula ovata (plantsonline has a good description of it), crassula gollum, and crassula hobbit (not to be confused with crassula gandalf. Just kidding. No, actually not kidding, it does exist…).

Sedum burrito

I’m not sure of other sedums, but this one is so wonderful, we’ve never had any trouble with it. It gets enough light from the window. A customer told me they even have it growing in their bathroom with no issues, and it’s even getting very long and is happy.

Chain of Hearts

Again, does well in the window. The main thing is like with the Zanzibar Gem, to make sure you don’t over-water it or it will rot the rhizomes (small potato-like things under the ground which the roots come from).

There’s other things too of course, but these our our top picks for the moment.



Zanzibar Gem Plant

What we love about: Zanzibar Gem

What is ‘Zanzibar Gem’?

The ‘zanzibar gem’, or Zamioculca (not to be confused with zebra binoculars {yes they do exist…}, or the Hoodoo Guru’s ‘I’ve never been to Zanzibar’) is one of our favourite plants. It should be high on any list of faves in my {humble} opinion. It’s also in Costa’s top three in this Gardening Australia article.

Why is it so great?

Well, so many reasons! Firstly, it’s leaves are lovely and glossy. Secondly, studies have shown it to be beneficial in improving air-quality. And thirdly, because it’s just so easy to look after, as long as you don’t water it very much. Yes, that’s right, don’t water it… not much at all. I think that’s pretty awesome for a plant that looks and keeps so well in the unforgiving indoor environment. You can go on holiday and this little (though they can get bigger) plant will be happy no worries.

How do I care for it?

The care-tags on the plant will tell you more, but from my experience it does best with the tiniest watering every month or so, depending how drying the weather/air-conditioning has been. The main thing is to make sure it is never saturated or sitting in water. I usually water at the edge of the pot so the main rhizome and stalks of the plant are never really, really wet.

Tesselaar Flowers also has some notes about it here.

Where can I buy it?

From us, silly. Also your local nursery should have them if you can’t make it in : )

Would my Aunt Nina like it?

Yes, yes she would. She can sit it on the side table in the corner near the bench seat overlooking the side yard. You know the one I mean.


Gold Coast gift delivery growing plants in pots

New Stock has arrived this week

We are excited to have some new and interesting plants arrive in store this week.

Lovely house plants, specially for indoors or in shady areas outdoors.

Some varieties include –

  • Fittonias which are hardy, and their colour is white and green.
  • Algaonema (say ‘a-glonema’, {kind of like a sneeze, isn’t it? but they don’t look like a sneeze, believe me}), another really hardy indoor plant – in various shades including pink/green variegated.
  • Peperomia, a gorgeous green plant with a red-purple tinge on the edge of the leaves, as well as a variegated one.
  • Syngoniums in pale pink
  • ferns
  • bird’s nest ferns, Asplenium australasicum

We’ll be posting them in the online shop as we get the chance, but feel free to phone or pop in if there’s something there you’d like : )

As usual, these are available for Gold Coast delivery.

Love love

Little Plants.


Parkwood Gold Coast little indoor living plant gift

We’re Open!

Welcome to our happy new online studio for all things about Little Plants!

Look around, tell us what you think – any plants we should have here that we don’t? (I for one would like to see some pilea peperomioides, but they are very hard to find… it’s on the wishlist though, so fingers crossed!)