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Flashback – one year ago – Pollinate, Sydney Botanic Gardens

In April last year, we had the privilege of going down to the Pollinate exhibition at Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney . In a large, light-filled enclosed greenhouse an abundant array of amazing plants was on show. The star of the entire presentation, in my view, was the trails of cascading sagey-grey-green dichondria – aka ‘dichondria […]

Potting up new indoor plants in hurricane glassware

These hurricane vases are one of the most popular items on our website, and in-store. They are a nice size and presentation for gifting. Sometimes we plant out with succulents, and sometimes with lushly-foliaged indoor plants. In the photo above you can see the progress of planting out some tillandsia cynea in the hurricane vases. […]

Experiment with plant forms and interesting containers

When choosing a plant or container, think about the style of the room where it will be. Here at Little Plants, we particularly like the natural finishes – concrete, upcycled fabrics, jute, wood etc. And we love plants with contrasting shaped and textures. Have you been in lately to see what we have? Check out […]

Planting aquatic plants in flasks and vintage bottles

A couple of years ago we started to experiment with small aquatic plants. The feedback has been great. The concept is really about making cute mini aquatic ‘terrariums’ (or really, mini aquariums – without the fish!). We have used a variety of glassware, from vintage bottles to premium laboratory glassware. All seems to work well […]

Some thoughts on Concrete Pots

We love the look of concrete pots, but there are some things to keep in mind when planting in them. Here’s a brief run-down of some things we’ve noticed: 1. If you are planting directly into a concrete pot with a raw (unpainted) surface, it will require you to water your plant more often. The […]

What we love about Peace Lily Plants

The humble and ever-loved peace-lily, or spathiphyllum, gives you a lot of reasons to like it. With varieties ranging from small leafed to large, this beautiful houseplant will give back much more in green-leafed-love than the little water it takes to keep it. These living gifts will survive in light conditions from fairly low light, […]

Plants in Pill Shaped Glass – They’re back!

Yep, yes, aha – our cute little plants in pill-shaped glass are back in stock. Woohoo! How do we get the plants in there? you ask. Chopsticks. Yes, chopsticks. Hold onto those fine tools after you’ve finished your sushi folks, because they are the best thing you’ll find for maneuvering little plants into these tricky […]

New Fiddle Leaf Figs In Store!

Our new shipment of fiddle-leaf figs is totally awesome – get one now! They are 70cm+ and super lush like a rainforest understorey plant. You can pick one out yourself, just pop in to our Parkwood shop. Or, we can deliver for you (on the Gold Coast, most areas), all done up ready for gifting.

What we love about Peperomias

Ever heard of peperomias? Now you have 🙂 Why are Peperomia plants awesome? because plants are awesome, generally (but we may be biased) solid, shapely leaves variety of leaf shapes and colour shades hardy (like so hardy!) air-purifier great for indoors doesn’t need heaps of water Do you need any more convincing? Bulleen Art and […]

Why put Plants inside Glass?

There are a few reasons we often put plants inside glassware, here are some: Why Glass is Good for Little Plants: It looks great! (that’s the main reason 🙂 Plants will use less water when protected like this Many plants do well with a little extra humidity – putting them inside glassware will help with […]

What we love about Aglaonemas

Aglaonema is such a mouthful isn’t it! Nevertheless these plants are awesome. Why are these little plants awesome? easy to care for interesting bold foliage – different from plant to plant you can overwater or underwater and they will usually be ok grows well in shade – good for indoors or office like all plants […]

What we love about – Bird Nest Ferns

The bird nest fern, or ‘asplenium victoria’, features quite often in our living plant gifts. It is a great addition to any indoor space or office, or outside in a shaded position. Why is it such a good plant? I’m glad you asked – here’s why: striking foliage lush green air purifier non-toxic (safe for […]

New Succulents in this week and more new items added

Hiya folks, Been a while since posting – so busy… but great news – for all the succulent lovers out there we have three new trays of 80mm pots in, with all sorts of aloes, haworthias, gasteraloes, crassula, etc… Plus a few ginormo aloe-ish things all pointy and spiky and wonderful, there’s a dark green […]

New items added!

Check it out folks – we’ve just got a delivery of awesome plants, ready to do up and delivery to all your nearest and dearest across the Gold Coast. We’ll try to pot and post more as we get time but here are a couple we’ve got together this weekend for you: Birds nest ferns […]

Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day 2017

Stuck for ideas? If your Mum loves plants, and lives on the Gold Coast – look no further… We love plants too! Check out the online shop or phone us to see what we have in store that we may not have listed… We have phalaenopsis orchid plants, cyclamen plants in large and small, and […]

Limited Time

We have billabong plants in store for a limited time – taro, alocasia, wild iris, grasses, water hyssop… all frog-encouraging pond plants. Send a set of three to your pond-plant-loving dearest for $45. Presented beautifully in a basket, of course…

Unique & Lasting Valentine’s Day Gift

Looking for something different? Why not send a plant? Plants are a great idea for Valentine’s Day too (even though we would say that, because we’re biased, just a little bit…) We have all sorts of things to make your chosen gift specially loverly, just ask us. We will be delivering Valentine’s Day all over […]

Succulents, Aloes, lots arrived this week

We are always excited getting a shipment of new plants – this week we have received trays of them. Come check out all the succulents, aloes, rhipsalis, etc… We’re busy potting and crafting and getting them all into interesting containers for gifts and friends for your home. All ready for delivery on the Gold Coast […]

Growing Plants in Test Tubes

Have you ever tried growing plants in test tubes? (Or other water vessels?) We have! Here’s some varieties that we find to work best in water: Ivy Pothos / Devil’s Ivy Lucky bamboo Agleonema It’s really a lot of trial and error, you may have to try a few different things to see what works […]

Christmas and New year closing times

Hi all, We will be closed from December 25th to January 10th. No orders will be processed over this time. We hope you all enjoy the holiday season. Pop on your favourite tunes and sit down with a nice cool drink. Cheers! Little Plants