LittlePlants – Plants Delivered – Gold Coast

Hi there!

Have you been into our studio space? We are part of Adam’s Garden Florist – Gold Coast.
Here you can find all the things we’ve been up to – from terrariums, to bottle flask plantings, to sets of plants in fun containers, and wrapped fiddle-leaf figs – etc. etc. etc.

Why not pop in sometime and see what’s doing? We can plant up your own container to, if we have plants that you like. We can also refurbish your old terrariums or planters, if you’d rather not touch them! #terrariumfixers #savemyplants #greenthumbs

little plants at Adam's Garden Florist Gold Coast

Of course we really just wrote this post to pop in some keywords on the website, but we hope it’s been informative anyhow 🙂

We love plants!
We deliver plants on the Gold Coast, to most areas!
We are in Parkwood, which is bordered by Labrador, Southport, Arundel, Molendinar/Ashmore. (Do you love our Suburb key-wording there? It’s great, right! I know, I know.)

p.s. If you’ve read this far we love you. Well hey, we love you anyway, but not in a weird way – but just because you’re human, and we’re human, and all that John Lennon and Jesus stuff. (Hang on, most of the entities reading this post will be search engine spiders… I’m not sure I can say I love you spiders, but hey, you’re doing your job, so we’ll let it go.)